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Father Flow ICE 5

Father Flow ICE 5 Father Flow ICE 5
 Digital Delivery
 World Wide
 US Dollar
1 Day
  PcGameSupply Product USD

Item Description

Father Flow (ICE Level 5)

Have this ICE Level 5 Decetraland Ice Poker wearable delegated to you. The Father Flow ICE Level 5 wearable has a 35-45% ICE bonus.

How do this work?

You choose the number of days you want delegation. Make payment with credit card or Paypal. You provide your Ethereum address and we delegate the item to your account.

You earn 60% of the ICE from the wearable. The wearable has a level of 5 with an ICE earn bonus of 35-45%. Complete daily challenges on ICE Poker and earn ICE.

The wearable will provide access to the ICE poker in Decetraland. Each day you will receive 3000 chips to play with.