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Wcoin 3000

Wcoin Wcoin
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Item Description

What is Webzen?

WEBZEN’s global game portal kicked off business in the gaming industry with ‘MU Online,’ immediately followed by ‘Archlord’and ‘S.U.N.’. attracts more than a million new subscribers annually. Currently, ‘’ is currently the company’s flagship overseas business and boasts subscribers from nearly 190 countries worldwide. The portal is available not only in English but also in 8 different languages, including German, Spanish and French, and offers game clients in a diverse array of languages.


WEBZEN acquired Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net, a leading publisher of free-to-play online games and operator of the gPotato portals in February 2013.Following this acquisition, both companies operate under the corporate names of WEBZEN Dublin and WEBZEN West.WEBZEN Dublin and WEBZEN West operate gPotato portals, hosting diverse free-to-play MMORPGs to more than 25 million registered users in North America and Europe.WEBZEN will implement its business strategy to bring WEBZEN’s online/mobile games to North/South American and European territories through its close cooperation system with gPotato portals.


In May 2014,, and merged to be


Webzen Currency = Wcoin


The virtual currency is called Wcoin. The Wcoin can be used to obtain virtual game items via a
premium item shop. Other users normally would not have access to these items or would have to spend more time in-game to obtain them. Wcoin can be purchased using credit cards, PayPal,
charging through the mobile phone, through Wcoin pre-paid cards or through earning free Wcoin by taking online surveys.

Payment methods differ from each Wcoin portal based on the regional payment options available.

What games can be played on Webzen?


MU Online, produced by Webzen Inc is a full 3D MMORPG which is one of the leading online games developed in Korea. MU is a highly involved fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU. MU established a basic frame of various online games and other following games and regarded as a pioneer of 3D MMORPG. For further information, visit the official MU Online website at

C9 is an upcoming Action MORPG that casts players as heroes of the Glenheim continent taking a stand against Nefer who is going to open the gate of the other world to summon his followers. With console-style precise control, variety of skill combos, and strong RPG base contents, C9 caters to the action fans, but also has impressive features for everyone. For further information, visit the official C9 website at

FLYFF – Fly For Fun is one of the best free-to-play high-flying MMO games. Set in the land of Madrigal, FLYFF allows players to become adventurers and explore the world by land or by air. With hordes of monsters and intriguing mysteries to solve, it gives players a diverse and thrilling gaming experience. With 155 levels, players will be able to fly freely on a broomstick, hoverboard and a variety of other fantastic flying machines. For further information, visit the official Flyff website at

Rappelz is a free, global MMORPG where over 6 million players adventure and battle in a dark and devastated fantasy world. Rappelz combines a striking fantasy art style with deep character customisation, tactical pet taming & training, and extensive player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay. Rappelz is available in North America and Europe in English, German, French, Polish, Turkish and Italian on the portal. For further information, visit the official Rappelz website at