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Karma Koin $10

Karma Koin US Karma Koin US
 Digital Delivery
 U.S Dollars
 US Dollar
 PcGameSupply Product USD

Item Description

Karma Koin US - Digital Delivery to your Email and PC Game Supply customer account


Buy Karma Koin for the US Region, redeem across participating web sites. The Karma Koin code will be delivered online in digital format and made available for immediate use. Orders are usually processed in less then one minute. PC Game Supply is an official Nexon partner, we are the only site that still has Nexon Game Cards which can also be purchased here: You can trust purchasing from our store since we are an offial Nexon partner and the codes we sell come directly from Nexon.

The most popular game to redeem Karma Koin are games from Nexon, the most popular game title from Nexon is MapleStory. Maplestory has a Cash Shop where you can purchase items with NX, Nexon's universal currency. Karma Koin redeems for 1 USD = 1000 NX points. MapleStory 2 has just recently been released and Karma Koin can be redeemed for MapleStory 2.

$10 Karma Koin card will redeem for 10,000 NX
$25 Karma Koin card will redeem for 25,000 NX
$50 Karma Koin card will redeem for 10,000 NX