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What is paysafecard

PaySafeCard is a pre-paid payment option for many gaming and entertainment web sites. The card code is a 16-digit pin code, to use the code, simply type the code into a merchant web site and redeem the card balance. 

Why use a paysafecard

paysafecard is guaranteed to be accepted at participating merchant web sites. Unlike a credit card that can be declined at payment, paysafecard will always be accepted. This is important when making deposits at web sites that may decline your credit card or not accept credit card payments. You also do not need to share your financial information with the merchant. The paysafecard payment option is a completely safe and anonymous method of online payment. 

Buying a paysafecard Online

PC Game Supply makes it simple and easy to buy a paysafecard online. Simply add the paysafecard to your shopping cart, login or register a customer account and make payment. Since the product is sent as a digital code you will receive delivery in less than one minute of sending your payment. 

PaySafeCard and Paypal

The perfect match! PC Game Supply is happy to bring together PaySafeCard and Paypal by making Paypal available as a payment option for PaySafeCard. As long as you have a Paypal balance, or a bank account attached to your Paypal account you will be able to buy paysafecard with Paypal. Credit and debit cards are disabled for paysafecard payments. Paypal is an available payment option for paysafecard for both the Canadian and US region product.

Additional Payment Options in Canada

eTransfer and Interac are the easiest and most secure method to send a payment in Canada from one bank account to another. PC Game Supply offers eTransfer and Interac payments for the Canadian region paysafecard. Sending an eTransfer payment is extremly easy, we provide you our etransfer email, you send the funds to the email from your online banking, we receive the payment instantly and at the same time credit your etransfer wallet. You can then use the money in your wallet to buy paysafecard. 

Skip the physical and GO DIGITAL!

We pride ourselves on quick online, digital delivery. This means everything happens in real time, from sending us the payment to receiving your product. This is the advantage of shopping with PC Game Supply. You receive your product delivery immediately.  Why drive to the store and buy a physical card when you can obtain the same code over the internet in digital format. Our motto at PC Game Supply is Go Digital! - we like this because it means near instant delivery for our customers, saving our customers time and money! 

PC Game Supply & PaySafe Partnership

We are a partner with PaySafe, maintaining our partnership for nearly six years. One of the first companies to have a digital distribution agreement with PaySafeCard in Canada, and now in 2021 the very first company to offer US paysafecard in digital format. Part of this partnership is being an authorized digital retailer of paysafecard. When you are buying, the product you are guaranteed to be obtaining it directly from PaySafe with our company being approved to sell the product to you. Below you will find our authorized online distributor seal for paysafecard.