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paysafecard $10

paysafecard paysafecard
 Digital Delivery
 Canada Region
 Canadian Dollar
 PcGameSupply Product CAD

Item Description

Buying paysafecard online is easy and quick. Add the product to your shopping cart, login or register, complete payment and receive the 16-digit paysafecard code to your email and PC Game Supply customer account

If you are in the US you will need to purchase a US region PaySafeCard. Click here to be directed to the US version of PaySafeCard.

How to Pay

We accept Paypal, eTransfer and Interac payments for paysafecard. All these payment options are easy to use and secure. 

Paying with Paypal

We are the one and only retailer offering the purchase of paysafecard with a Paypal account. If you have a Paypal balance or bank account linked to your Paypal account you will be able to buy paysafecard with Paypal. Credit and Debit cards are disabled for Paypal payments with paysafecard.

Paying with eTransfer or Interac

eTransfer and Interac are the most common method in Canada to transfer money from one bank account to another. To pay with eTransfer we provide our eTransfer email address. You login to your online banking and send the payment to the email address provided. We will receive the funds instantly and in real time credit your eTransfer wallet for the amount. You can then use the funds in your eTransfer wallet to purchase paysafecard or any other products on our web site.

Receiving your paysafecard 16-digit pin

Once you complete your payment you order will be received and processed in real time. You will receive your paysafecard pin code within minutes of completing your payment.  It is our company mandate to provide our customers with safe and near instant digital delivery. 

Why use paysafecard

Customers choose to use paysafecard because it's a safe online method of payment. When utilizing a paysafecard as a payment option you do not need to share your credit card or banking information with the merchant. This provides for a safe and anonymous method of payment over the internet. Another reason people choose paysafecard is some merchants do not accept credit cards or the customer's credit card is being declined. With paysafecard you do not need to worry about a declined payment because it is always accepted.

Where to redeem paysafecard

Paysafecard is an accepted payment and deposit option across thousands of gaming and entertainment web sites. Before you purchase a paysafecard make sure to double check that the site you want to use it on accepts paysafecard. You can also visit the Where to use paysafecard? page on 

Digital or Physical

All products on PC Game Supply are delivered as a digital code. Our company motto is GO DIGITAL! - we love this because it saves our customers time and money. With digital you save time from having to travel to a physical retailer to buy a physical scratch card. Not only do you save time but you also save money as you do not need to pay for gas to travel to the store, and as they say... time is money! Buy paysafecard on your home PC or on the go with your mobile phone. 

PaySafe Partner with Authorized Digital Distribution

PC Game Supply is a PaySafe partner company and an authorized distributor of the PaySafeCard product in Canada and the USA. We teamed up with PaySafe all the way back in 2014 to become the companies first digital distribution partner. When you're buying paysafecard from PC Game Supply you can be assured the product is coming directly from the source, PaySafe. Below you can find our seal for authorized digital distribution. 

Click here to Read Terms and Conditions for PaySafeCard