EA $20 Game Card

EA $20 Game Card

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What is EA $20 Game Card


Electronic Arts Game Card Adds $20 To your US EA Store Account

Where can you use EA $20 Game Card

Now there’s an alternative method of payment for purchasing digital items within EA online games. Redeem your card on any of EA or Origin game sites.


How do EA $20 Game Cards work


EA Game Cards work like similiar game cards. They can be reddemed at participating sites like and to fund your EA Account Balance. Once you've funded your EA Account Balance you can use it like cash to pay for items in an EA Store or game site.

You can redeem multiple cards to a single account, the total purchase price will simply be deducted from your balance. You will have a remaining balance for use of future items at an EA Store.


Where can I redeem the EA $20 Game Card


  • EA Store Account
  • Store Account


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