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Item Description

What is Aeria Games and Entertainment?

Aeria Games and Entertainment (also known as Aeria Games), is an online games publisher. Aeria Games & Entertainment Inc. (AGE), a subsidiary of a US based holding company, operates an Internet gaming portal for Internet Massively multiplayer online games internationally. It focuses on online games in multiple formats, client games, browser games, and mobile games. It publishes games for the North America, South America, and Europe market. Aeria Games does not develop any games directly. It licenses games from developers in other regions.

Aeria games are free-to-play.

Aeria Community

As of July 2012, after the acquisition of Ijji the community has over 40 million registered members.

What are Aeria Points (AP)?

Aeria Points are the real-money currency of Aeria Games (AGE), and are universally used in every Aeria game. AP can be spent in any Aeria game, be traded for other currencies, but cannot be bought for any other currency or gained in any trading system. This provides AGE with a uni-directional profit and players with an advantage from their standard game play. One United States Dollar (USD) is equal to 100 AP.

How AP item purchases work:

You can make purchases either from the online item mall or while in the game. Some items may only be available in the item mall, and are not able to be purchased in the game, and vice versa. Needless to say, it is only effective to spend AP on items for your game of choice. Once you spend AP, it will not be possible to return the item(s) which you have purchased for a refund.


How to buy AP items:

In the game, you purchase AP items the same way you purchase normal items. However, in the item mall, you need to select the item you want, add it to your cart, and then purchase the items in your cart. When buying items from the item mall, they will be placed in your gift box, where you will have to activate them to use them.


What Games are available with Aeria Games?

PC Games available with Aeria:

Scarlet Blade

Fantasy MMORPG


Mankind is almost extinct. In its hour of need, it turns to elite, genetically engineered warriors. You are one of these warriors. You are the last hope of humanity.

DK Online

Fantasy MMORPG


Bring pain to your enemies and glory to your allies in a heavily PvP-oriented world with pulse-pounding scenarios like guild battles and castle sieges!

Scarlet Blade
Fantasy MMORPG

Mankind is almost extinct. In its hour of need, it turns to elite, genetically engineered warriors. You are one of these warriors. You are the last hope of humanity.

Eden Eternal


Traverse the world and unlock your true potential as you bring peace to a troubled continent. Explore every class, battle every monster, and uncover the secret of your past.

Soldier Front

Engage in this realistic modern warfare FPS with over 70 weapons at your disposal and the world's elite task forces like SAS, SEAL, and DELTA Force at your command.


Experience heart-pumping fragging action boosted by cutting-edge graphics in this exciting online FPS. A.V.A promises intense, visceral combat unlike any other twitch-based shooter.

Last Chaos
Fantasy MMORPG

A world forged from war. Engage in siege warfare, battle epic monsters, and explore dark dungeons. Will you choose good or evil? Destiny awaits.

Wolf Team

Join the fight in this fast paced FPS. Utilize and master your weapons in ranged combat and transform into a wolf for awesome melee attacks.

Shaiya Phoenix

Fantasy MMORPG

Jump into the Land of Shaiya where you must battle against players and mystical monsters, and join heroic guilds for the favor of your Goddess.

Grand Fantasia

Conquer monstrous dungeons or wage war amidst intense battlegrounds in the breathtaking world of Saphael to restore the power of the Sprites.

World of Battles: Morningstar

Take your army through huge battles to establish yourself as a lord of war and dominate the online rankings. Customize your units and soldiers, form a clan with other players, and control the globe!

Tribes: Ascend

A high-adrenaline multiplayer shooter with jetpacks, skiing, and vehicles. Enjoy fast-paced, vertical, acrobatic combat combined with class-based teamwork and stunning sci-fi visuals!

Fantasy MMORPG

Jump into the Land of Shaiya where you must battle against players and mystical monsters, and join heroic guilds for the favor of your Goddess.

Stronghold Kingdoms

Join thousands of players in an exciting world of Lords, Ladies, Bumpkins, and Barons as you build your village, research new technology, and strive to be the greatest in the land.

Born to Fire


Execute cutting-edge team strategies in an FPS designed to blow your mind…or at least your enemy’s mind. Record matches to study tactics and immortalize your best kills.

Twelve Sky 2
Martial Arts MMO

Slay mythic monsters, forge alliances, and decapitate your enemies in savage PvP battles. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies in Twelve Sky 2.

Dynasty Warriors Online

Martial Arts MMO

Immerse yourself in battle! Lay waste to thousands of enemies and compete against your friends in the first online Dynasty Warriors game.



Tear into the fight in this twitch action shooter. Scale walls and defy gravity while carving up enemies with swords or filling them full of holes with guns in the never-ending fight for supremacy.

Lime Odyssey

Embark on a thrilling adventure across the breathtaking world of Nysis and seek out the sundered pieces of Lime, the key to restoring the ravaged realm.

Battlefield Heroes

Experience fun, fast-paced multiplayer action in this 3rd person shooter. Create a unique war hero, battle with friends, and blast away the competition.

Need for Speed World


A new installment of the popular online racing game from EA. Compete against AI drivers, or race your friends to the finish line! Need for Speed World is free to download and free to play.

Browser Games available with Aeria:


Engage in dynamic battles, customize your characters and gear, and spread your influence across the land in this feature-packed MMORTS!

Starlight Story

Gather with fellow heroes, lead loyal pets, and transform into a multitude of shapes with powerful abilities as you fight to save this gorgeous world from annihilation!

Crystal Saga

Enter the mystical world of Vidalia! Tame your pet, refine your skills, and embark on a journey to discover the legendary fragments of the Crystal of Life.


Battle your friends, conquer dungeons, customize your avatar and even get married in this new turn-based shooter. Addictive game play with no download required!

Golden Age

Reign supreme in an ancient land torn by conflict and join real-time battles for territorial domination. Prepare for war!

Call of Gods

A revolutionary take on the MMORTS genre. Establish your kingdom, recruit a party of heroes, and lead your forces through a world of dungeons, dragons, and monsters.

Pirate Galaxy

Become a space pirate, live epic adventures, steal alien technology, and explore an amazingly vivid 3D universe!

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Construct your base, discover new attack and defense tactics, and secure strategic alliances to coordinate massive attacks on your enemies.

Big Head Bash

Toys gone wild! Run amok in a multiplayer deathmatch game set in a world of vinyl collectible toys and insane weapons!


This diamond in the rough puts a twist on MMORPGs with a beautiful and mysterious game world steeped in lore inspired by the fables and myths of the Arabian Nights.

Lord of Ultima


Set in the legendary Ultima universe, become the mighty Lord of Ultima. Master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering and sieging enemy cities.

Star Supremacy

Take command of your own custom star-fleet. Engage in tactical space combat, explore interstellar trade routes, and build your empire in the stars.

Ministry of War


Choose from four legendary civilizations - Rome, Egypt, Persia, and China - and guide your empire through the ages in your attempt to conquer the world.

Lord of Ages


Experience war like never before! Build and fortify your castles, assemble your armies, and crush your enemies as you wage an all-out war across the known world.

1100 AD

Rewrite history and rule the Middle Ages. Make your legend by transforming a modest settlement into a mighty medieval city. Outwit and overcome your foes.

Heroes of Gaia

Unite the land of Gaia! Play with hundreds of other players in a rich fantasy world as you build your castle, amass an army, forge alliances, and expand your empire.

Sky Empires

Grow a mighty empire out of your floating island and dominate the skies with an aerial force led by veteran heroes!

Mobile Games available with Aeria:

Fantasy RPG

Embark on an epic journey to suppress the monster invasion and claim your place as the strongest Soulbinder! Battle and capture hundreds of legendary monsters, undertake endless quests, and fight other powerful players from across the globe.

Pirate Maidens

Fantasy RPG

Rally a crew of busty buccaneers on an epic search for adventure, danger, and booty! Call upon hundreds of piratical femme fatales as you race to build the most impressive deck in this swashbuckling card-battle game.

Monster Paradise
Fantasy RPG

Available on iOS & Android! Battle, capture and evolve more than 500 monsters! Pit them against brutal bosses or other players in PvP combat!

Fantasy RPG

In Magimon, you collect, evolve, and battle hundreds of unique monsters. Explore a post-apocalyptic world and battle to be champion with other survivors. Only then can you shape the planet's future.

MINI Games available with Aeria:

Burrito Bison Revenge
SAS: Zombie Assault 3
Arcuz 2: Dungeons
Monster Invasion
A Simple Day
Bimmin: Haunted Night
Uncharted Skies

Educational games
Brain Shapes
Factory Balls 4

Adventure games
FPA: World 2
Planet Journey   

Puzzle games
Atomic Puzzle 2
Dooboo Spidrix
Pest Beat
For complete list of Mini Games please visit: