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Google Play gift code USD$10

Google Play Gift Code US Google Play Gift Code US
 Digital Delivery
 US Region
 US Dollar
 PcGameSupply Product USD

Item Description

The Google Play Gift Card is for the USA Region and only available for redemption on US Google accounts. This product is not available for sale outside of the US.

We have made buying a Google Play Gift Card online easy and quick. Simply add the product to your shopping cart, sign in or register and complete payment. 

How is the Google Play Gift Card Delivered?

All products on PC Game Supply are delivered in digital format as a pin code. The Google code is delivered to your email address and PC Game Supply customer account. 

How long will it take to receive the Google Play Gift Code?

Once you complete your payment the code will be delivered immediately. This is the benefit of buying digital, you can receive the product right now with near instant digital delivery. 

Accepted Payment Options for Google Play

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard. In addition, Canadians can utilize Interac eTransfer. 

Buying Google Play Gift Card with Paypal

While we accept multiple payment options, we recommend Paypal as the safest and easiest online payment method. With Paypal you can make payment with your Paypal Balance, Bank account or credit card.

How to Redeem Google Play Gift Card

The Google Play Gift card can be used on the Google Play store, the card can also be used as a funding option for Google Pay. Click here to Redeem the Google Play Card on the US Google Play store. For more information on redeeming the Google Play Card please visit the "Redeem a Google Play Gift Card" information page on Google. 

What can you buy with Google Play Gift Card?

Google operates one of the largest app stores in the world, that being the Google Play store. In the Google Play Store you can purchase apps, movies, music and more. All of the US content and subscriptions can be purchased utilizing the Google Play Gift Card as funding option.

Why buy a Google Play Gift Card

The number one reason to buy a Google Play Gift card is it can be used as a safe online payment option for the Google Play store. The second reason is if you are having trouble utilizing your credit card for payments on the Google Play store. Unlike a credit card, the Google Play card is guaranteed to be accepted. You do not need to worry about the card being rejected as a payment. And finally, the third reason is to give the Google Play Gift Card as a gift to a friend or a family member. 

Withdrawing money from Google Play Gift Card or converting the Balance to Cash

You cannot withdraw the balance from your Google Play Gift Card as cash or deposit the money into your bank account. The card is what is known as a "closed loop card", this means the cards balance can only be used on the Google Play store or Google Pay and once redeemed the card is no longer valid and cannot be reloaded. You also cannot convert the card into cash.

Someone has asked you to buy this card.

The Google Play card is not intended to be used as a means of transfer, to buy or exchange for goods or services outside of the Google network (Google Play Store & Google Pay). If someone has asked you to buy a Google Play Gift Card, then it is likely a scam. If this is the case please read this article on Google "What to do if you are a victim of a gift card scam". The only time you should buy the card and give it to someone else, is if you are buying the card as a gift for a friend or family member.