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Nintendo E-Shop $10 Card

Nintendo eShop US Nintendo eShop US
 Digital Delivery
 US Region
 US Dollar
 PcGameSupply Product USD

Item Description

Buy US Region Nintendo eShop Cards 

How long will it take to receive the Nintendo eShop Card?

Once you complete your payment the code will be delivered immediately. This is the benefit of buying digital, you can receive the product right now with near instant digital delivery.

Buying a Nintendo eShop Card from PC Game Supply is easy, add the product to your shopping cart, login or register, and complete payment. The 16-digit Nintendo eShop pin code will be sent your email address and PC Game Supply customer account. 

Digital Code or Physical Card?

The Nintendo eShop cards from PC Game Supply are in digital format. The physical card and the digital code are both the same, with the physical product its a scratch card and the 16-digit pin code is on the back of the card. With the digital product you are still receiving the same pin code however it's in digital format and you can receive the code online. Our company's motto is "Go Digital" - we like this because it saves our customers time and money. 

Accepted Payment Options

We offer a wide variety of payment options that include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard. 

How to use a Nintendo eShop Card

Redeeming the Nintnedo eShop card is amazingly simple and can be completed in four easy steps. To review the redemption process please visit the "How to add Funds with a Nintendo Prepaid Card" on the Nintendo site. You can also go directly to the page on the Nintendo site to redeem the Nintendo eshop card

Nintendo eShop Cards and Nintendo Switch

One question we are asked a lot, is if Nintendo eShop cards can be used on Nintendo Switch. The answer is, yes, the card can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop and the credit can be used to download games for Nintendo Switch

Does the Nintendo eShop Card expire?

The card does not have an expiry date. The funds will always be available until the card is redeemed. The card will redeem for the amount purchase, for example if you purchase a $50 Nintendo eShop Card then the card will redeem for $50 in credit on the Nintendo eShop. You can then use the credit to pay for subscriptions or download games to your Nintendo.

Can you use the Nintendo eShop Card for Nintendo Switch Online?

Yes, the card can be redeemed on the Nintendo eWallet and you can use the credit to pay for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 

Buying Physical Copies of Games or Downloading Games - Which is better?

PC Game Supply is all about digital, so we really prefer the digital option. We think downloading the digital version of the game to be far more convenient then having to go to a physical retailer to buy a physical copy of a game. Just think of all the time you can save if you buy the digital copy. Another benefit of digital, is its always there, stored on your Nintendo account. You can never lose the digital copy of the game, where a physical version you can lose. You can re-download the digital version of the game to your Nintendo anytime.

Are digital games more expensive then physical Nintendo games?

It really depends, for new releases the price will be the same. If you are a bargain hunter you may be able to find older games for a lesser price if buying the physical copy. However, this will take some time and effort as you will need to search for different stores that may have an older title available for less than MSRP. This tends to be the case for all physical items including movies, music, and games. Some retailers will be looking to move old stock and will discount a physical copy. 

You can still save money and get deals on digital Nintendo games.

There are Nintendo sales and deals all the time for digital games. There is a page on the Nintendo web site dedicated to listing the current digital sales and deals. You can save up to 50% on some digital games, software bundles and DLC.